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Dear America,  I Still Believe In You

Dear America, I am not angry at you. I am sad for you.   I never imagined for a moment that a candidate so thoroughly unqualified, so mean spirited, so lacking in maturity and intellect, so remorselessly dishonest, so paranoid, … Continue reading

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In Defence of Non-Binary Gender -or- Pronouns Are Important And We Need More Of Them.

Since this is a note that I have decided to share publicly I thought that I should first explain that it is a response to this article: Which was shared by a person I like and respect as a … Continue reading

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Fighting Terrorism The Canadian Way!

I felt like I needed to take a moment today to put aside a project that has become my most research intensive writing project to date and say a few words about recent events. As many of you know by … Continue reading

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Oh Captain, My Captain, We Will Miss You.

(Robin Williams, The way I will always try to remember him) After the tragic suicide of Robin Williams I wanted to talk about mental health, which is really about talking about mental unhealth.  Williams was so widely loved by so many … Continue reading

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The Manly Art of Childbirth.

This article was originally published in “Birthing Magazine”, for which I am seriously flattered!  WOW!  I had intended to republish it here but not until that edition of Birthing Magazine was no longer available: I also plan, at my wife’s … Continue reading

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The Extended Breastfeeding Issue At Our House

A friend of mine (not naming names) shared a picture on Facebook of her breastfeeding her three year old.  I was trying  think of a topic to write about at the time and that picture inspired me.  I know that … Continue reading

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