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First and Foremost I am Husband to Sonya, my lovely better half, and father to Amelia Parvati Benson, my beautiful little girl. I am a "crunchy" dad in the sense that I parent in a fairly non-traditional way in North America. I use cloth diapers, not out of any environmental concern as such but because my daughter is wickedly allergic to disposables. I babywear because I love it and it is the best thing I've ever discovered; I have literally never used a stroller in my life and, unless I decide to use a stroller when I jog, I never will. We cosleep (go ahead and look it up) and it really works well for us. Finally, and these four are just the major points, we practice baby-lead solids, which means our daughter feeds herself (most of the time) and eats all the foods we eat. I have A Bachelor of Religious Studies degree from the University of Calgary; if you are wondering, no, that does not mean I am becoming a priest (seriously, you have no idea how often I get that question). Studying religion is my passion and I have continued with it after my formal education ended. I have two great dogs, Scotty and Baxter, that round out my little family unit and that is the broad strokes on what makes me the very happiest Crunchy Dad that ever did crunch!

Dear America,  I Still Believe In You

Dear America, I am not angry at you. I am sad for you.   I never imagined for a moment that a candidate so thoroughly unqualified, so mean spirited, so lacking in maturity and intellect, so remorselessly dishonest, so paranoid, … Continue reading

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In Defence of Non-Binary Gender -or- Pronouns Are Important And We Need More Of Them.

Since this is a note that I have decided to share publicly I thought that I should first explain that it is a response to this article: Which was shared by a person I like and respect as a … Continue reading

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Fighting Terrorism The Canadian Way!

I felt like I needed to take a moment today to put aside a project that has become my most research intensive writing project to date and say a few words about recent events. As many of you know by … Continue reading

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Oh Captain, My Captain, We Will Miss You.

(Robin Williams, The way I will always try to remember him) After the tragic suicide of Robin Williams I wanted to talk about mental health, which is really about talking about mental unhealth.  Williams was so widely loved by so many … Continue reading

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The Manly Art of Childbirth.

This article was originally published in “Birthing Magazine”, for which I am seriously flattered!  WOW!  I had intended to republish it here but not until that edition of Birthing Magazine was no longer available: I also plan, at my wife’s … Continue reading

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Doc Hollywood Needs To Shut Up, Please!

Recently Fran Drescher decided to kvetch about breast feeding (here’s a good link for the full quote  The bottom line is that Drescher, best known for her character on the TV show “The Nanny”, says that breast feeding causes your … Continue reading

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A Crappy Job, Why Would Anyone Do It?

I cloth diaper my daughter. This is a statement that encourages looks and questions like throwing a piranha into the kiddie pool.  For about ninety percent of the people I say this to (the other ten cloth diaper their children … Continue reading

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