Dear America,  I Still Believe In You

Dear America,

I am not angry at you. I am sad for you.  

I never imagined for a moment that a candidate so thoroughly unqualified, so mean spirited, so lacking in maturity and intellect, so remorselessly dishonest, so paranoid, so gullible, and so unsuitable would ever stumble his way into your top office. I never imagined the Republicans so foolhardy that they would allow their distaste towards minorities to push them this far down the road to totalitarianism. Most of all, I never believed you had enough people that were okay enough with racism, misogyny, bigotry, ignorance, and sneering criminality that they would hold their nose and vote Donald Trump into office.

I still don’t believe it. I really don’t. No one thought this would actually happen. I did and still do believe you are better than this, America. I went to bed last night feeling certain that Hillary would win and you’d get another four years of status quo.

I don’t blame you. Not really. So many people are so dissatisfied, disaffected, and disenfranchised in your country today that it must have seemed too tempting to reach for that promise of making America great again that they reached for it even though they probably knew it was a lie. Even though they knew the man peddling the idea to them wasn’t very trustworthy or even very decent.

Now you all have to live with the results though. The Republican Party has won all three levels of your government which means they have a clear mandate without checks and balances. The Republicans have been making a lot of promises over the last eight years that they now will be making good on. Gender and sexual minorities will be back in the firing line and they are going to suffer greatly for what happened yesterday. Muslims are also going to bear the brunt of people’s anger now that they have no one in the halls of power to protect them. I cannot see the poor and working class that so desperately want Trump’s promises to be real actually thriving under another term of Republican policies; they won’t get better wages, better medical insurance, or better infrastructure under any proposed policies I currently know of.  

Most unsettling of all, in my opinion, is that I think the Republicans are finally going to get that war with Iran they’ve been hoping for. Who’s going to stop them? Only the threat of war with Russia could stop America from that and a man who rage-tweets at Rosie O’Donell now has his finger on the nuclear button. I just don’t see that being something most of the electorate thought through.

I sincerely hope this new reality works out, but I think it’s more likely that your economy is going to take a dive and the best we can all hope for is your newly minted government doesn’t start a war from which none of us can recover. One thing is certain: the racists and bigots of America have had all of their worst behaviour validated in a big way today.

To my American friends, I wish that I could hug you and tell you that everything is going to be alright. I would if I could. I know it would be a lie because some of you are gay and some are minorities and all of you are feeling very unsure of your place in your own country right now for very good reasons. One day, I hope that those who voted for this will tell you sincerely that they are sorry for what happened to you as a result. Most of all I hope that whatever happens over the next four years will pass over you like a raincloud and you’ll come through no worse for wear.  

Please stay safe and know that I love you, appreciate you, and still believe in you.


About crunchydad

First and Foremost I am Husband to Sonya, my lovely better half, and father to Amelia Parvati Benson, my beautiful little girl. I am a "crunchy" dad in the sense that I parent in a fairly non-traditional way in North America. I use cloth diapers, not out of any environmental concern as such but because my daughter is wickedly allergic to disposables. I babywear because I love it and it is the best thing I've ever discovered; I have literally never used a stroller in my life and, unless I decide to use a stroller when I jog, I never will. We cosleep (go ahead and look it up) and it really works well for us. Finally, and these four are just the major points, we practice baby-lead solids, which means our daughter feeds herself (most of the time) and eats all the foods we eat. I have A Bachelor of Religious Studies degree from the University of Calgary; if you are wondering, no, that does not mean I am becoming a priest (seriously, you have no idea how often I get that question). Studying religion is my passion and I have continued with it after my formal education ended. I have two great dogs, Scotty and Baxter, that round out my little family unit and that is the broad strokes on what makes me the very happiest Crunchy Dad that ever did crunch!
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