Considering that today is a day for anyone to stop and reflect whether you are religious or not, I thought I would say a few words about what happened to me on Thursday.

The other day I filled up with gas and picked up some propane and, of course, I had Mia with me in our Ergo carrier.  A young man named Ali helped me out and we got to talking about our daughters.  Ali was not originally from Canada and he was so filled with emotion and pride as he showed me a picture of his little girl.  His daughter is such a happy looking, chubby little girl.  He said she was a very special little girl; it took a few minutes for me to find out that she had very special needs, his daughter had serious hormone imbalances that required constant treatment and she’d been born without eyes. That really effected me, even now as I sit writing this it chokes me up a little.  You see, my daughter is sleeping in my arms right now as I type this and as I look at her I can’t help love the dickens out of her cute little face.  I couldn’t even imagine a world where I didn’t want the very best for her and would do anything for her.  Talking to a man like Ali makes me two things: thankful and humble.

Ali has to watch his daughter struggle in a way I’ve never had to, knowing there is nothing he can do, I can’t imagine anything harder.  When I ask him what it’s like to deal with his reply really left me speechless:  of all the things he could’ve said about how unfair, how hard, or how sad it is that his daughter has to go through this he didn’t say any of that.  What he talked about was how glad he was to be in this country where his little girl could get the help she needed!

Sometimes it feels like the great Canadian virtue to complain (politely) about our problems.  I’m no exception, I had spent a good part of that day running around in doctor’s offices because my wife sprained her ankle and I had been a little put out by it.  A few minutes with Ali changed that, I got over it really quickly!  I’ve never done anything to ‘earn’ living in Canada, I was born here.  People like Ali have to prove they have what it takes to be Canadians; needless to say, he proved he had the right stuff to me.  I was left wondering, do I deserve the country I was born in?

I don’t know, But I am very, very thankful to be here.

Happy Easter All.


About crunchydad

First and Foremost I am Husband to Sonya, my lovely better half, and father to Amelia Parvati Benson, my beautiful little girl. I am a "crunchy" dad in the sense that I parent in a fairly non-traditional way in North America. I use cloth diapers, not out of any environmental concern as such but because my daughter is wickedly allergic to disposables. I babywear because I love it and it is the best thing I've ever discovered; I have literally never used a stroller in my life and, unless I decide to use a stroller when I jog, I never will. We cosleep (go ahead and look it up) and it really works well for us. Finally, and these four are just the major points, we practice baby-lead solids, which means our daughter feeds herself (most of the time) and eats all the foods we eat. I have A Bachelor of Religious Studies degree from the University of Calgary; if you are wondering, no, that does not mean I am becoming a priest (seriously, you have no idea how often I get that question). Studying religion is my passion and I have continued with it after my formal education ended. I have two great dogs, Scotty and Baxter, that round out my little family unit and that is the broad strokes on what makes me the very happiest Crunchy Dad that ever did crunch!
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