Why I Like to Wear My Daughter. (or Convincing an Unwilling Man to Wear a Baby, Part II)

After my last post generated an insanely unexpected amount of interest it occurred to me that there might be a few more people than I thought who might want to convince a man to wear a baby.  After that, I decided that I should probably do a little more to help out.  So, here it is:  Part 2 of convincing a man to wear his baby.  I figure that men might be more likely to wear a baby if they heard another man’s reasons for wearing his.  So, for any ladies reading this: it’s okay, you can send this to your partner, it was meant for him.  to any husbands reading this: enjoy! There is no part one, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Without further ado, here are the ten reasons why I love to wear my daughter:

1)  First off, I wear my daughter because I really do enjoy it, it’s fun and I think many other fathers would think so too as long as they’re brave enough to give it a try.

2)  Wearing my daughter really helped me in the attachment process.  Let’s face it guys, we aren’t our baby’s favourite person at first.  How many other men recognize that face they get when they crest the stairs or come around the corner to check in on your child when he or she is crying only to get that look that seems to say “Not you!  Go get the one with the boobs!”  I know it all too well.  Babywearing gave me a great way to spend some close time with my daughter so that I could get to know her and she could get comfortable with me.

3)  I could be productive in two different ways.  I’m a man, I like to be productive and I like to be lazy.  Babywearing gives me the opportunity to spend quality time with my daughter while accomplishing work around the house that will need to get done anyway.  Since babywearing makes me twice as productive I can give myself a little extra wind down time in the evenings when I would normally have to be doing dishes or something equally tedious because it really HAS to be done.

4)  My daughter’s sleep schedule is better.  When my daughter was younger she really fought sleep!  So, when she would want to be awake and we needed her to sleep I would put her in a carrier (for this I found my Didymos wrap to be the best) and let her fuss for a while until she tired herself out.  This allowed me to comfort her down and gave her the sleep she needed, it was win-win.  Now, her sleep schedule is fairly regular for a fourteen month old and we’re super happy about that.  Also, while she was getting cozy and happy and finally falling asleep, sometimes I could still play Wii because my hands were free, I call that win-win-win.

5)  It gives me extra time with my daughter.  This is a side benefit I didn’t see when I first started babywearing but because she felt safe and secure when I wore her, she now feels safe and secure when I hold her.  She used to fall asleep on me in the carrier all the time (which is just about the best damn thing ever by the way!) so now she falls asleep really easily when I hold her.  Since I work during the day sometimes until 5 or 6 PM and her bed time is usually around 7:30 or 8:00 putting my little girl to sleep gives me extra time with her that I wouldn’t otherwise get and since she goes down so easily for me it gives my wife a bit of a break as well.  So, until the fortune and fame of blog writing starts rolling in, I can still get some extra time with my princess.

6)  It helps me exercise more.  Do I really have to explain how carrying a twenty pound child on my person burns more calories?  It also engages my stability muscles so that if I ever burn through my pregnancy fat my washboard abs will be even more impressive!

7)  It beats the living daylights out of having a stroller.  This one is a list within a list:

  • a)  I don’t need to put my carrier in the trunk between destinations.  I can actually wear my carrier while driving (Not with the baby in it wiseacre!  Don’t anyone wear the baby while driving, I do NOT endorse that) and anywhere else, when she’s not using it I just hang it from my waist, it’s so easy!  I call it my dad apron because it looks like an apron hanging down.
  • b)  I can use it in my house.  You can use a stroller too, it just feels silly!
  • c)  It takes up no space!  I could probably fit any of my carriers in a decent sized shoe box, tell me a stroller that can do that!  It leaves my trunk free and my house less cluttered.
  • d)  I can push a shopping cart and I don’t need to put her in it.  That’s a problem with a stroller; either you have to put the baby in the cart or use the stroller as a cart you can’t do both.
  • e)  It keeps my daughter warm.  I don’t have to bundle her up like I would in a stroller because she’s wrapped up in a warm, fuzzy dad blanket inside my coat.
  • f)  A baby carrier is truly all terrain.  It goes up stairs, it goes through the turnstiles, it goes into bathroom stalls (BTW: as a man I can pee without taking my ergo off), it goes on a hike, it goes pretty much anywhere I want to go!

8)  It’s less expensive.  I’m cheap!  I like to save money any way I can.  Not only are some strollers as big as a Subaru, they almost cost as much!  Even the most posh baby carrier pales in price to the comparable stroller.

9)  My carriers are really stylish.  At the risk of sounding a bit vain, I look great when I have my favourite carrier on.  My Ergo is orange, which is my favourite colour but I also have A didymos that is reversible pink and grey (That’s right! I’m man enough to like pink!) and a babyhawk with two great patterns on it so I know whenever I step out with Mia that we are both going to look great.  It isn’t just me that thinks so, I get heaps of compliments from all kinds of different people.

10)  It really is the most manly way to be out with your baby.  With a stroller you’re hunched over, pushing, navigating around stuff, you have to keep checking your child and making all kinds of little adjustments, you have to avoid stairs, you look like a total tool at curbs, and you have the hassle of folding it up and jamming it in your trunk, in short, you have to fuss!  Fussing is NOT manly, real men do NOT fuss.  However, with a babycarrier I stand tall and proud, I can walk fast over obstacles and on any terrain I choose, NO FUSSING!  A baby carrier is THE dadcessory!

So there’s the ten best reasons I babywear, Thanks very much for reading my blog.  I challenge you to try wearing your baby and prove you don’t like it!

I have only two things to add:

1)  The right babycarrier is important.  Certain brands have terrible ergonomics, research is a really important part of the process.  I can’t tell you which carrier is right for you but I can tell you that some are wrong for everybody;  if a carrier faces the baby outward, leave it on the shelf, it’s not good for you and it’s not good for your baby.  

2)  Some men can’t get their head around the idea of babywearing no matter what, that’s okay.  The most important thing you can do as a father is raise your children and try to be a good father, that doesn’t mean you have to wear your baby, I just think it makes life easier and better, you are under no obligation to agree with me.

Good Luck, I’m pulling for you!


About crunchydad

First and Foremost I am Husband to Sonya, my lovely better half, and father to Amelia Parvati Benson, my beautiful little girl. I am a "crunchy" dad in the sense that I parent in a fairly non-traditional way in North America. I use cloth diapers, not out of any environmental concern as such but because my daughter is wickedly allergic to disposables. I babywear because I love it and it is the best thing I've ever discovered; I have literally never used a stroller in my life and, unless I decide to use a stroller when I jog, I never will. We cosleep (go ahead and look it up) and it really works well for us. Finally, and these four are just the major points, we practice baby-lead solids, which means our daughter feeds herself (most of the time) and eats all the foods we eat. I have A Bachelor of Religious Studies degree from the University of Calgary; if you are wondering, no, that does not mean I am becoming a priest (seriously, you have no idea how often I get that question). Studying religion is my passion and I have continued with it after my formal education ended. I have two great dogs, Scotty and Baxter, that round out my little family unit and that is the broad strokes on what makes me the very happiest Crunchy Dad that ever did crunch!
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3 Responses to Why I Like to Wear My Daughter. (or Convincing an Unwilling Man to Wear a Baby, Part II)

  1. Morgan says:

    I’m a woman and I can pee while wearing a baby too 😛

  2. amy says:

    love this one too. Keep up your inspiration Travis, we’re pulling for you too! lol

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